Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

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Posted March 24, 2012

To your car, gasoline is energy. To your body, food is fuel.

An orange contains potential energy, which we call calories, as does a doughnut. But the orange is nutrient-dense, while the doughnut is just energy-dense.

To increase your nutrition-to-energy ratio:

Foods to eat daily: Fruits, whole grains, nuts, carrots, leafy greens and green tea.

Food to eat three times a week: Broccoli, avocado, sweet potatoes, oily fish, yogurt.

Foods to eat just once a week: Red meat, pasta, all desserts and alcohol.

Do not eat: Fast food, soda pop, processed meals, canned soups and anything with the word "diet" in it.

- Food Network Kitchens

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