Courtesy of Cornucopia Foods

Bring a Bag! Forgot Yours? Borrow One!

No More Plastic Bags!

Paper or plastic?  Well, how about neither!  Cornucopia is excited to be a participant in "Bag Share."  Part of the Hilltown Sustainability Initiative( and conceived by Leni Fried, the mission of the Bag Share is to reduce and eventually eliminate the consumption of plastic and paper bags.  Baskets of reusable fabric bags are found at registers at participating stores, and consumers may use a bag to carry their purchases home.  The bag is then returned to any participating location for another to use.

Return bags at any Participating Store

Coopers Corner (Florence)

Cornucopia (Northampton)

The Creamery (Cummington)

Odyssey Bookstore (South Hadley)

Millstone (Sunderland)

Help Sew Bags!

Every other Wednesday at Lucky Stitches Contact Zanne Blair: 695-3092

Every other Thursday Florence Civic Center Contact Molly Hale: 585-0791

Start your own sew: Contact Leni for machines, fabric, tags etc... (413) 634-5591