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Marjoram Indigenous to the Mediterranean this herb in its most common form has a sweet delicate oreganolike flavor and aroma. Marjoram is prized for its ability to combat insomnia menstrual cramps stress and respiratory ailments. Available both dry and fresh though the latter is far more fragrant.
Millet Flour Ground from the grain millet this flour adds a cakelike texture to baked goods. Because it lacks the protein gluten it is best combined with wheat flour. Millet is beneficial to the stomach spleen and pancreas and often prescribed for gastrointestinal problems and blood sugar imbalances. It is very high in protein iron phosphorus and the B complex vitamins.
Mirin A sweet cooking wine made by fermenting sweet brown rice it contains 13 to 14 percent alcohol and is used extensively in Japanese cuisine. Beware of Mirin sold in Asian markets as it usually contains sugar or corn syrup and chemicals to hasten fermentation rather than the high quality version sold at health food stores.
Miso A fermented paste made from soybeans salt koji ( a grain catalyst in the fermentation process) and rice (sometimes other grains are used). A traditional Japanese food miso is currently used by many healthconscious Americans in soups dressings and sauces. It is reputed to counteract the effects of radiation air pollution smoking and other carcinogens. Buy the unpasteurized naturally fermented misos available in the refrigerated section of health food stores.
Mung Bean Sprouts Made from a small green legume native to India. In its sprouted form the mung bean has a vastly superior nutritional profile: The vitamin A and B content is increased fivefold while vitamins C and B12 are created (they are not found in unsprouted beans). In additon digestibility increases. Bean sprouts may be eaten raw or cooked.
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